Main Phone: (260) 426-9494
Fax: (260) 426-2730
Toll Free: 1-855-5McComb
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Main Phone: (260) 426-9494
Fax: (260) 426-2730
Toll Free: 1-855-5McComb
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McComb Receptions

The idea of gathering with family and friends has long been a part of our culture. We come together in celebrations and times of sorrow with people we love and trust. An important, and always present, aspect of any celebration is food. D.O. McComb & Sons Receptions are yet another way in which we would like to be there for your family. Serving you is our greatest gift during a difficult time.

We offer you complete reception services without the stress and worry of planning a menu, buying and preparing the food or reserving a location. D.O. McComb & Sons offers you the convenience of several planned menu experiences, multiple locations and we will do the rest. Our staff will create an elegant and professional atmosphere in which you and your family can come together in comfort and support. We can even personalize the room with photos and mementos of your loved one.

Family room EXCLUSIVE to you

  • Convenience
  • 7 McComb locations
  • Family chooses menu
  • Professional setup
  • Facility and room (maximum seating 128)
  • Staffing/attendants
  • Set up/clean up of room
  • Banquet tables and round tables
  • Linens for all tables
  • Personalized table cards
  • Plates, cups, napkins and flatware
  • Complimentary coffee, iced tea or water
  • For details, contact us at (260) 426-9494.



No two lives lived are exactly a like. At D.O. McComb in Sons we recognize this and strive to provide a fitting personalized tribute to your loved one. Whether it's special music, A butterfly - balloon or dove release, special funeral vehicles or the overall theme of the tribute. D.O. McComb and Son's funeral directors will work with you to arrange a proper personalized tribute to your loved ones.

Portraits and Photo Collages

LazoffCarl68622_1.jpgSaying goodbye to a friend or family member is never easy. Experiencing the comfort that comes from seeing that familiar smile in a portrait of the departed can, in its own small way, make the loss more bearable. D.O. McComb & Sons will provide a high quality portrait from a photo supplied by the family for both traditional and crematory services. Additional portraits in various sizes can also be ordered.

Your treasured photos can be combined into a custom photo collage and printed on high-quality matte paper for display.

Death Certificates

During the funeral arrangement conference, we will ask you how many certified copies of the death certificate you will need. As part of our service, we will obtain these certified copies on your behalf. Although we try to obtain certified copies prior to the completion of the funeral service, this is not always possible, especially if the death occurs out-of-town or the cause of death is pending. If you need additional copies of the death certificate, please call our office at (260) 426-9494 to order additional copies