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Main Phone: (260) 426-9494
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Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance in the planning of the funeral services for our loved one, Bill Dolan. Our family was so appreciative and pleased with the entire experience. Although it has been a difficult and sad time for us, your kindness and thoughtfulness has provided us with comfort in knowing that our loved one was so well cared for.  Thank you, The Bill Dolan family


I am writing to thank you and D.O. McComb for the outstanding care and service provided for my husband Jeffrey, when he passed away on Sept. 19, 2014. Bob Jesch was fantastic! He was so helpful to me and my family, offering help and planning for the funeral. I can't sing his praises enough. I also appreciate your visit during the funeral service. How kind of you to offer your condolences. Everyone who worked that day was, again, fantastic! Please know that if anyone asks about funeral services, I will definitely recommend D.O. McComb! Thanks again, Jean D. 


Dave, Doug and Staff,

I just want to thank you all who made my aunt Dolores Scheiman look beautiful at her funeral today. You guys are the best, you took care of my grandma too, and she looked like a porcelain doll. A super BIG THANKS to MARK who was so kind, didn't rush us, he was wonderful with all the family. I didn't get Marks last name, but we were at the Fairfield funeral home today. Thank you so much for caring, I am a nurse so I get how empathy and compassion go a long way in a hard time. Thanks again, my Aunt is finally at peace.....God Bless you all!!!  Jill Hartman


Dear Jarod Steffen,

We cannot find the words to express our gratitude to you and the staff at McComb Funeral Home for your gentle was of helping with all of the arrangements for our mother, Joan Mills. If you could see into my heart, then you would know what I'd like to say, but as for now, let me simply say, "Well done, good and faithful servent." Our mother was everything to use. I pray you could tell that by our words and our actions. In addition, the "banquet" room arrangement was ideal. . . I fretted over that decision. It was wonderful, very private, very accomodating, very delicious. . . just trying to get loose ends wrapped up and back to normal if ther eis such a thing. I will say it again, as a family we do not do everything right, but I think we excel in LOVE . . God's. Sincerely, Kathy and Ken Wertz



McComb family,

We want to thank you for the lovely flowers you donated for Carol's funeral and for the absolute beautiful and professional treatment of the funeral and family members during that difficult time.

Jeff & Janie D. and family


Just a note to let you know how satisfied with my choice, I am of choosing your funeral home when my husband passed away. Your facility is beautiful and our director could not have been more helpful or thoughtful. I also appreciated the follow up with the aftercare counselor who came to my home. Again, thank you. I will recommend you to others. 

Sally S.


McComb Staff,

Thank you to all the staff who in any way assisted with the funeral preparations for my father. Your caring and compassion helped me and my family through this difficult time. You met every need and detail and made sure the family's wishes were acknowledged. You also attended to our physical comfort which was appreciated. You were caring but not intrusive.



Dear Britton,
This is a note to thank you for the wonderful service you gave to my sister and I when our other sister Marsha Carder died. We had to have a low budget funeral, but you treated us as though we were having a top of the line funeral. That meant so much to us. As we watched marsha in her final days, we pretty much decided to have a closed casket. When we walked into the back of the room and saw marsha we said " oh my gosh marsha is back!" I don't know who prepared her but they did a remarkable job and I can't tell you how comforting that was for us. Lucas and everyone at Pine Valley was wonderful and met our every need. I knew that McComb's have been doing the portraits, but I never expected to see one at our low budget funeral. Thank you so very much. We will treasure that forever. As you can imagine, Marsha was special to a lot of people. Again, thank you so very much.

Judy Gatton


Wanted to write you to express how impressed me and my family were with how Britton Claghorn handled my Mom's funeral. When we walked in to meet with Britton initially, my Dad told Britton that he did not like talking to guys in a suit and tie. Britton left and came back without his tie and jacket, which made my Dad more relaxed. My Dad was impress by that.
Britton handled every detail as if he were taking care of his own family. He truly cares about every detail of the service and it's planning. We felt as if he was always available if any all of our many questions. It was very sweet of him to come in on his day off to ensure the service went off without a hitch. During the service and burial, I would have thoughts on something that needed to be done, but as I looked over Britton was already taking care of whatever my thought was. Many members of my family kept discussing how great Britton facilitated Mom's affairs. He made me feel at ease knowing he was handling Mom's preservation. He painted my Mom's fingernails the day of her funeral with the color she always used.
I just thought Britton deserved some recognition for all of the effort and hardwork he put into making my Mom's service perfect. If you have to go through something like this, Britton is the guy you want helping.
Thank you so much,

Thomas Family

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Hi Britton-

I just wanted to circle back and thank you for handling dad’s funeral arrangements in such a professional fashion. Everything went as smooth as possible, and your approach and guidance along the way made all the difference.

God blessed you with the gift of patience and the ability to maneuver families through the most emotionally difficult situation they’ll face. Ann was excellent as well and we’re grateful for her kindness with our children.

Take care and best of luck in your future endeavors. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime down the road…..hopefully outside your line of business. 



Dear Dave...

This is to tell you about how thoroughly impressed the Wall family has been with all the services that DO McComb and Sons Funeral Home and especially Britton Claghorn provided our family during the death and burial of our mother, Marjorie Wall.

Not only was Britton extremely knowledgeable about all phases and details of the process, he was efficient and detailed in execution of all of our wishes, including special requests. He provided remarkable follow-through without needing prompting on myriad details, both in the funeral home setting, in the memorial park setting, and even days later in making a special trip to the Department of Health to obtain death certificates in order to expedite our estate settlement process.

On the emotional/interpersonal side, he was very empathic and compassionate to our grieving at the same time he introduced appropriate lightness and humor to ease the intensity of our situation.

In the church, the funeral home, and at the memorial park, he provided leadership to the family in a step-by-step fashion.....which was not an easy task with such a large family.

In summary, we want you to be aware of how happy we are with all of your services and of what an incredible job Britton did, start to finish. He represented your organization superbly.


Marilyn Sharpe Wall and Kent Wall


On behalf of Mary Ann Doust's family, I wanted to thank you for your time this afternoon, to finalize Mary Ann's funeral arrangements. While I know you were just doing you job, you did so with professionalism, care, and a willingness to help. We also appreciated your sense of humor, and "enduring" our sense of humor as we dealt with this difficult process. Mary Ann had been diagnosed with cancer just over two months ago, so her passing, while expected, came too soon. You were a tremendous help to us all.

Again, thanks, Brian. We very much enjoyed meeting you, and are glad you were on call this weekend.

Dave & Rose Farrell


Just a note to thank everyone at McComb's that helped us celebrate our Mom, Sue Merz. Bob made the planning very enjoyable and happy! It meant so much to have Doug and Dave involved in the funeral service! I am so thankful to each and everyone of your staff who helped us through a sad yet happy week! We are turly grateful. Much love the Sue Merz family


I just want to thank you all who made my aunt Dolores Scheiman look beautiful at her funeral today. You guys are the best, you took care of my grandma too, and she looked like a porcelain doll. A super BIG THANKS to MARK who was so kind, didn't rush us, he was wonderful with all the family. I didn't get Marks last name, but we were at the Fairfield funeral home today. Thank you so much for caring, I am a nurse so I get how empathy and compassion go a long way in a hard time. Thanks again, my Aunt is finally at peace.....God Bless you all!!!

Jill Hartman


They really helped us with the cremation of my granddaughter....they are caring...



My dad's funeral was yesterday. Everyone we worked with throughout the entire process was absolutely incredible. Brian never blinked with the family drama at the beginning (thanks, emotions!) nor did anyone care that our family laughs a lot during tragedy. We all process death in different ways and they understood that, they even joined in on the laughter. Mark (quite literally) held our hands throughout yesterday and made us feel like he had known us his entire life. I cannot remember the name of our limo driver but she laughed with us and hugged us before she left.


As far as funerals go, this was by far the best experience I've ever had. I truly appreciate this group and everything they do.

Rebekah M.


Having just buried my mother in law Marie Reyburn, I must say that Britton and Mark made this the smoothest least stressful funeral I have ever known. Thank you. Mark, you and your crew are amazing.



I recently lost my mother, Betty McIntire. My father and mother had preplanned with you and I'm so glad they did. Everything went smoothly as my Dad wanted it. We were able to make decisions and changes that made us feel comfortable. Everyone that we dealt with was extremely attentive and helpful and just overall professional. Thank you for making one of the worst life moments so much easier by allowing us to grieve while you handled all of the details.



I recently lost both my parents within 73 hours of each other in un-related events. DO McComb was absolutely amazing. The genuine gentle kindness, respect and non judgemental staff could not have been more needed or appreciated! My family was treated as if we spent a million dollars and was family. Neither of which was the case. My parents pre arranged and as cheaply as possible. giggle I could not have imagined a smoother process. When the day ended and the services were over...I knew in my heart that my parents would have been proud and all their wishes were respectfully met with dignity! A special thank you to Mike M. My sisters and I will be forever greatful for your kindness and respect!!

D. Miller


I have to say, I was very impressed with everything that was done for us and my grandma! Everyone was so amazing and compassionate! Mark was who was our director and well to say the least he was great especially with the great grandkids...thank you so much!



Lisa, you and Kathy are exactly why I chose Birkmeier! God bless your kind hearts. Kathy has been so helpful and very respectful to me, very understanding. She has done a great job! I have been 100 % satisfied.


They have done my father n step father services. Nothing but the absolute best. From service to facilities, every thing was great. Brian Shank was great with my family and very comforting to myself and my brother. I don't know how people in Fort Wayne would go any where else. Especially with them being one of the last family owned funeral homes in Fort Wayne.

B. C.


Everyone was very kind and sympathetic. Helpful with all our wants and needs. Your guidance with all the details beyond the memorial service, such as obituary assistance

R. H. 


Thank you for the kind and caring manner shown us during the death of my sister. Your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.



You were our Ministering Angel. You have a calling

V. S.


Our family would like to thank you for all your help making Ken's arrangements. You did so many little things and went our of your way to suggest so many things that made Ken's funeral so special to our family.

K. U.


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my father's funeral and preparations. Everyone was very profesional and courteous. Everything we needed was provided to us. It was a very sad time in our lives and you made it as smooth as possible. My Dad looked very nice.

A. T.