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Tribute Center
Certified Cremations™

1) Your loved one is received into the care of our family owned and locally owned firm. It is our guarantee to you that your loved one will be treated with respect and tenderness.

2) Since cremation is an irreversible process, we have developed specific standards to certify the identity of your loved one, through every stage of the cremation process. Our state of the art tracking system is the hallmark in funeral service and has been continuously refined over decades.

3) We coordinate with the legal next of kin, or their designee, to visually certify your loved ones identity. This is the most important component of a Certified Cremation, exceeding state requirements.

4) The Tribute Center has been designed to accommodate all religious practices. In addition, we have also designed a special private room which permits the family the opportunity to view the initial stages of the cremation.  You may also choose to participate by activating the cremation process from this private area.

5) Certified Cremation is always managed by an Indiana Licensed Funeral Director, who have undergone additional specialized training and are all Certified Crematory Operators.  Other crematories do not abide by this higher standard since the Indiana law does not require it.

6) After the cremation, the cremated body is placed into an ossuary or with further processing placed into an urn. The Certified Cremation is completed when the legal next of kin or their designee signs the proper documents and then receives the cremated body of their loved one. Finally, you have the option of having one of our professionals carry the cremated body of your loved one to your car.

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